D Cube Robot


D Cube robot is a entry-level robot specially design for children to improve coding and robotics skills. This cute robot has 40-minute building time, along with a Scratch 3.0 based graphical coding environment ( mBlock). Featuring ultrasonic obstacle dodging and automatic line tracking, Maze following , Bluetooth Controlling, D Cube disco module can be connected to create LED design and patterns   D Cube robot  fun scientifically with expanding capabilities. D Cube robot is the best option as a kid’s first robot. as well as High school students can be used with D Cube Arduino library which will be released soon


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Dimensions 134mm x 120mm x 80mm
Weight 310g
Battery Exclude
Types of parts 24
Total parts quantity 13
Color of pars Red
Motor N20 motor
Microcontroller  (Arduino Nano)
Communication Bluetooth ,ICSP 6 pins
Ports 3
Inputs 4xButton, 1xUltrasonic Sensor , 5 Ir Sensors
Outputs 1xBuzzer, 2x red LED , HD44780 LCD , D Cube disco LED Module
Baterry Type 3 x 18650 baterries
Software Arduino IDE, Scratch 3.0 , mBlock
 Programmer  D Cube ICSP Programmer (Exclude)

Arduino based & graphical programming:

The combination of Arduino and a Scratch 3.0 based graphical programming environment covers both entry-level and higher-class development needs with superior hardware compatibility.


Drag-and-drop coding based on scratch. Develop attentiveness and determination, multi-subject involved for comprehensive ability enhancement, be ready for an era of AI.

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