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Unboxing D Cube STEM Gripper

Unboxing D Cube STEM Gripper

SET 01

SET 02

SET 03

SET 04

SET 05

Assembling SET_01 - STEP_01

Assemble view SET_01 - STEP_01

Assembling SET_01 - STEP_02

Assemble view SET_01 - STEP_02

Assembling SET_01 - STEP_03

Assembling SET_01 - STEP_04

Assembling SET_01 - Final

Pro Tips for kids

Some plates holes are created for tight fit ,hence kids are to be assistance by the parents

Do not use sharp tips screwdrivers that can be injured the fingers

Screwdriver, it there are two forces

First is the actual force wherein you push the driver against the center axis of the screw head second is the radial force wherein you turn the screw head both forces must work together between the two forces the rule of thumb is that the actual force must be greater than the radial force

Why programming?

Programming develops the most valuable skills of the 21st century: critical thinking and logical, creativity, teamwork.

These are the skills that will be essential in the nearest future, no matter what profession Children choose.

D Cube ” STEM Gripper arm ” a good solution to lean programming by doing it for kids children and adults too with drag and drop code or hard code

Hellow D Cube

Assembling SET_02 - 03

Assembling SET_02 - STEP_01

Assemble view SET_02 - STEP_01

Assembling SET_02 - STEP_02

Assemble view SET_02 - STEP_02

Pro Tips!

Make sure that plate number 19 should set to the ” Left ” side of plate number 25, when you look at front view

Build more than robots!

Take on the D Cube most epic STEM enrichment programme for young people. We’re ready to support your team and make STEM less intimidating and more inclusive.
A Grate gift for Children
A variety of additional programming software supports children, helping them become experts from scratch
Our large collection of teaching resources provides children with professional guidance on programming
Congratulations, you have completed the building of the Robot arm. Now start to practice controlling your arm.

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