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Plug It In!

It’s usually best practice to power down (unplug) your Arduino before you connect a D Cube Cute to it. Hopefully all of the pins are still well-aligned and the D Cube Cute just slides right into the Arduino. Take care not to bend any pins while inserting, and make sure they all go into their mating female headers.

Pin Alignment

D Cube Cute Best tool to learn
coding basics

Download & Installing Scratch 3.0

A step-by-step guide to installing and testing the Scratch 3.0 software on Windows,

Download & Installing mBlock IDE

A step-by-step guide to installing and testing the mBlock software on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download & Installing Arduino IDE

A step-by-step guide to installing and testing the Arduino software on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Block-based Programming

This block allows you to turn on the middle LED of the

D Cube Cute

We show you how to interface your Scratch 3.0 Cording projects with D Cube Cute

If you haven’t used Scratch before, Scratch is a fantastic way to learn Scratch using D Cube Cute to code. The intuitive coding system can be used in the D Cube students videos or offline on a desktop computer or tablet, and uses colourful coding blocks that kids simply drag-and-drop to create a program.

With the recent release of Scratch 3.0, kids can now test the brain power with entry level robot project using D Cube Cute

Let’s show you how easy it is to make a program in Scratch 3.0 and have it controlled using a D Cube Cute.

D Cube Scratch

D Cube Cute Pin Numbers

Arduino uno pin numbers

Share your coding project in D Cube WhatsApp Community

Invite kids students & friends to share your coding project and videos to have more likes! Stay tuned for D Cube STEM On Board program updates and communicate with D Cube all over the world with projects and ideas!.

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