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Everyone can agree that children need learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, but should computer cording be a “must learn” skill now? A number of computer science experts and entrepreneurs think so. There are plenty of toys, games, and other ways for parents to help their children learn how to code in a way that’s fun.We believe that computing is so fundamental to understanding and participating in society, that  we have included to D Cube Master Engineer Curriculum and as well as more code on our advanced engineering programs.

Problem-solving skils Learning how to create problems ( or fix the mistakes in them ) we teaches children to find innovative solutions to problems 


Build digital confidence

Digital literacy makes children feel more empowerd about technology 


Better undestand world

Almost every facet of life is becoming digital, and children that can code will be better able to adapt and interact with these changes 


This is an awesome curriculum to inspire students in programming. All our students are engaged all the time. we ‘ve been teaching computer science and robotics engineering for 9 years now and we ‘ve never seen this much engagement before.









Lern how to think computationally
Cording requires children to think differently than normal



Head start on the job market
By 2025, computer-related employment rise by 32%.
Avarage annual salaries for some STEM carees:




From consumers to producers
By learning to code, children actually create digital things. They no longer just passively consume what other have made




Intro to Programming with D Cube Cute and Arduino

The D Cube Code Introduction to Programming with D Cube Cute LED light design and arduino to students. The basics of programming by giving commands to a computer. Students will learn commands, functions, and control structures by designing and writing creative programs for D Cube Cute and LED’s.

Who is it for?

The Intro to Programming course is designed for complete beginners with no previous background in computer science. The course is highly visual, dynamic, and interactive making it engaging for new coders in grade 6 to 9  school tudents .



Intro to Programming: with D Cube Cute  connected  to arduino children can give to instruct blink LED’s in veries patterns  what it means to program, and allow childerm  to focus on problem and electronics .

Functions: Learn how to write new LED design patterns by combining existing commands and defining functions.

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